Defence Domain Experts

Growing and developing your business

Areas of expertise

We are domain experts within defence and overlaping industries such as national security and space.  

We focus on three main business areas:

  • Business Development
  • Project management
  • Partner Sales

Our business areas as well as our domain expertise overlaps and creates a synergetic effect in our work. This allows us to help you with any part of the journey from strategy development through sales execution to product implementation. 

We are at your service whether you are already established within these industries or looking to expand in to them.

Business areas

Business development

As domain experts within defence and as experienced business developers we can offer you the insights you need - whether it is in your own organization, competitor landscape or costumers etc.

We will help you find the right business development strategy for your company.

Partner Sales

As your sales partner, we will represent your company and sell your product or your services on-site in Europe and the US.​

We can help you with the entire sales process or parts of it according to your needs. Our efforts and process will always be adjusted to your products and your demands.

Project management

All our project managers are trained officers and therefore educated and experienced project managers. We can help you with projects both within your own company, but also eksternally with your costumors.  

Being organized and structured are corner stones in our operations and we will always run the extra mile to achieve mission success.


Business development

We offer a wide range of services within business development in the defence sector. We are highly skilled in offset management and can navigate the Danish system with ease.

We are also at your service when it comes to EDF-applications and other European Defence collaborations.

Our expertise is not limited to the above, and we adjust our services to meet your needs and ensure success.  

Partner Sales

Outsource your sales activities to ensure a domain driven growth. 

We can be your sales partner and a supporting element in the entire process, whether it is sales within puplic tenders, B2B or B2G.

Project management

We will help you with project management in all parts of the defence area and at all levels of the organisation.

  • We can ensure that you, as a supplier to the Danish defence, will get a successful implementation of your service.

  • We can help you with general project management related to defence.

  • We offer project managers with subject matter expert status, hence most of our staff is veterans with many years of experience.

  • Using veteran project managers, you are sure to get a professional, structured, responsible, and loyal business partner.

About us

With military precision and knowledge

With many years of experience within the Danish defence combined with years of experience in business development we offer you our expertise, knowledge, and network as domain experts within defence.

With a passion for defence we have built our business on values known from the armed forces such as professionalism, discipline, and loyalty.

We always work with a strategical mindset even though the task might be tactical. When representing our costumer we always make sure that our code of conduct is impeccable knowing the value of professional behavior in any costumer supplier relationship.

Our value is our employees

We aim to hire veterans from the defence area, not only to apreaciate their competencies and hard work but also to ensure domain knowledge and expertise.

Needles to say our network within defence is wast and should we fail to have the subject matter experts you need, we are able to achieve them. In our daily operation we like to use the term "hire for success" to constantly make sure we are updated in our domain knowledge.